Service Announcement
I have recently enlisted and departed into the military, and unfortunately will not be able to continue providing on-site service.
If you still desire to get support, do understand that response times may be widely unreliable (couple hours, to days).

A Fresh Start

Your computer is given a completely new fresh start, back in the configuration you originally bought it.


Virus Removal

Removal of any unwanted programs, popups, viruses, and other forms of malware without reinstalling the operating system.


Harddrive Replacement

Replacement of a failing harddrive, with a fresh installation of the operating system.

$100 + Part
$20 + Part
$20 + Part

On-site Residential Service $70/hour

Onsite computer and networking service. Examples of services provided include:

  • Virus/malware removal (hourly, no cutoff price)
  • Email setup or troubleshooting
  • Printer configuration or networking
  • Wireless internet setup
  • Troubleshooting internet issues

On-site Commercial Service $90/hour

Onsite computer repair and networking service for business customers. Services include the options listed to the left, as well as:

  • Windows workgroup networking (file shares, printing, accounts)
  • Wireless network bridging and multiple Access Point wireless setup
  • pfSense router setup and configuration
  • Asterisk-based IP PBX setup
  • Linux server/workstation deployment and support
  • Linux-based virtualization servers